Neues vom Musikmarkt: CUT_ – “Cry”

CUT Cry COVER 250Nach dem Erfolg ihrer vorherigen Single „Out Of Touch“ (20 Millionen Streams, #8 Spotify Viral Chars, #18 Shazam world charts) erscheint am 26. Juni der neue Track „Cry“ des holländischen DJ Duos „CUT_“ (gesprochen cut underscore).
Ein hpynotisierender Dance-Pop Track zudem sich Sängerin Belle Doran wie folgt äußert: „’Cry‘ talks about being close to a friend in a certain state of mind. A feeling of extreme emotion, crying in the kitchen when no one’s watching. Curling up on the bathroom floor and just feeling sad for oneself. A state blinded by emotion, but when that person comes out of it you are there as a friend. You never left. You patiently waited and supported. ‚Cry‘ is an ode to friendship.“

Für die neue Single schlossen sich CUT_ als Produktionsduo zusammen, im Gegensatz zu ihrem üblichen songgetriebenen Schreibstil. „We wanted to achieve a dreamy, melancholic yet danceable feel for this song. Taking inspiration from artists we love such as Burial and Caribou, we took our time to find the perfect balance between those 3 elements.“