Neues vom Musikmarkt:  Marina Kayne – “The Whole 9”

Marina Kayne The Whole 250Mit “The Whole 9“ präsentiert die französische Sängerin Marina Kaye eine weitere Single, nachdem sie bereits letztes Jahr mit “Twisted“ erster neue Musik veröffentlichte. “The Whole 9“  ist eine kraftvolle Elektro-Pop Nummer, indem es um Marinas schwierige Kindheit und deren Folgen auf ihre weiteren Beziehungen geht.

Marina erzählt wie folgt: „My childhood resulted in some deep scars leaving me with a complicated personality where things tend to be either very black or, less often totally white. Anyone wanting to enter my life, or keep up with me, has to try to deal with this without hurting me. I’m getting much better at managing my personality, but it will always be there. Building a lasting relationship means this person has to understand my past and accept this. The song is about letting this person into my life, with a reminder of how this can turn out.