Neues vom Musikmarkt: Let’s Eat Grandma “Happy New Year“

Lets Eat Grandma Happy New Year COVER 250Am 8. April erscheint das neue Let’s Eat Grandma Album „Two Ribbons“. Passend zum Jahresstart veröffentlicht die Formation mit „Happy New Year“ den Album Opener. 

Rosa und Jenny zu Happy New Year: „Happy New Year is a celebratory song written about my relationship with my best friend. I wrote it after a breakdown between us that lasted for a long period of time, to communicate to her how important she is to me and how our bond and care for each other goes much deeper than this difficult time. I used the setting of New Year as both an opportunity for reflection, looking back nostalgically through childhood memories that we shared, and to represent the beginning of a fresh chapter for us. I’d been struggling to come to terms with the fact that our relationship had changed, but as the song and time progresses I come to accept that it couldn’t stay the way it was when we were kids forever, and start to view it as a positive thing – because now we have been able to grow into our own individual selves.”